Redesign of the visual concept for a Yoga teacher, including business cards, book signs, posters and books, amongst others.

So far four editions (English, Czech, Russian and German) of Reinhard Gammenthaler’s comprehensive book on Kundalini-Yoga are available. We’re currently working on an English eBook.

ISBN 978-3-908152-60-6
ISBN 978-3-908152-55-2

Reinhard Gammenthaler presents a set of Yoga charts in English, for practical use at home and outside (water- and tearproof paper, 59×84 cm, folded to postcard size); available separately or as complete set of 3 charts. All exercises are clearly shown and explained, with additional information about effects and precautions. The charts are based on the book «Kundalini-Yoga-Parampara» . Complete Set of Chart 1–3, ISBN 978-3-908152-48-4

Chart 1: Yogic Sukshma Vyayama – Subtle Yoga exercises to prepare body and mind for advanced practice, so one can remove defects by enhancing the flow of Prana, purify the Nadis and connect to the astral level. ISBN 978-3-908152-45-3

Chart 2: Yogasana Vijnana – The science of Yoga postures, showing 62 of the most important Asanas to attain physical and mental stability and health, activate the Marmas and increase the flow of Prana in the Nadis. ISBN 978-3-908152-46-0

Chart 3: Mudra, Shodhana, Asana – Advanced cleansing and practice. Correct performance of Shirshasana, the headstand; purification of the entire body with Shankha-Prakshalana, the cleansing of the conch; complete Surya Namaskara, the salutation of the sun; basic knowledge about the Cakras, the seven energy-centers, and their influence on inner and outer world. ISBN 978-3-908152-47-7

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